Teacher Training in Varkala

 200h Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training in Varkala Kerala

Yoga is a diverse philosophical science. Our 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training considers all its aspects and provides the student with a broad, holistic knowledge covering all aspects of Yoga.

The intensive 4-week program is designed in line with traditional and modern approaches of yoga and focuses on necessary requirements of future professional yoga teachers. Develop and deepen your self-practice, understand Yoga as a holistic way of life and learn to establish it as your own way of living and teaching. Learn everything you need to pass on your knowledge and give your students a wonderful Yoga-experience in your classes. Learn to teach what made you fall in love with Yoga in the first place.

The training will cover four main styles of Yoga

  • Therapeutic
  • Hatha
  • Ashtanga
  • Vinyasa

We believe this gives you a perfect base to develop as an authentic Yoga teacher. Along with this you will study complementary subjects like Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy & physiology, Art of Teaching , cleansing technique and Meditation.

Along with comfortable and individual accommodation you will be served Yogic food that will keep you fit for your yoga daily practice.

Every student will receive a welcome package containing study materials, cleansing equipment, a personal note book, and a t-shirt to start successfully into one month full of studies and the beautiful experience of Yoga as a holistic practice.

Our beautiful Yoga shala is fully equipped with anything you need to practice safely and according to your individual requirements.


Enjoy a one day cultural trip around Varkala. Learn about South Indian culture, enjoy the beauty of its nature, and enjoy amazing local food.

The four week intensive training will end with a 2-hour written theoretical exam. Your practical exam will take place in a proper class setting, where you can show your teaching skills gained over the month of your training.

Asana Practice:

Your Day will start at 7Am with Asana practice. During this two hour class, you will practice and learn about the above mentioned styles. At 4PM you will have another two hours of physical Yoga practice

Learn proper alignment and come to know how to use yoga props to support and correct your own and ultimately your student´s posture. Only by correct alignment you will be able to maximise the (therapeutic) benefits of the Asanas.


Yoga Philosophy:

In philosophy class, you will learn about the philosophical aspect of Yoga. This class is designed to give you a proper understating of yoga and its interconnection with your day to day life. You will learn more about Patanjali´s Yoga Sutras which are known as one of the first systematical documentation of Yoga and extremely relevant to today´s Yoga practice.

Study about Bandhas (energy locks) Mudras (psychic gestures), Chakras (energy centres) and panch koshas (five bodies) and much more. Ultimately understand the relation of all these aspects of Yoga, physical Asasna practice, Meditation, and your day to day life.

Anatomy & Physiology:

In order to teach and guide your students during class, to check and correct their alignment practicing Asanas, a proper understanding of anatomy & physiology of the human body is necessary. This class will provide you with everything you need to understand in order to understand what happens in our body when we are practicing Asana. You will come to know about main muscle groups that engage or relax in various yoga postures, as well as how our skeleton system works in yoga postures.

The Art of Teaching:

In this class you will learn how to structure a safe and holistic Yoga class.

You will learn about four main tools of teaching to guide your students safely through their practice. These include clear instructions, proper demonstration, attentive observation, as well as correct and effective adjustments (verbally as well has hands-on).

Learn more about different Yoga styles, how to put together proper, effective sequence according to your student´s level, energy, and needs.

We will additionally provide you with ideas how to continue after the training, how to get you going as a teacher, and how to set up a yoga business.


Meditation is a significant part of the Yoga practice and therefore a crucial part of our retreats.

You will learn about active (including movement) and passive (seated, lying down) meditation. We will introduce you to both, ancient as well as modern techniques which you will be able to practice and teach after the course.

You will learn various kinds of meditation including

  • Cyclic meditation
  • Chakra meditation
  • Kundalini meditation
  • Mind to No-Mind meditation
  • Third Eye meditation
  • Sufi Meditation
  • Tantra meditations
  • Intensive Breath meditation
  • Sound meditation
  • Silent Meditation.

This class is a unique opportunity to experience and learn various styles of meditation in only one month.



About Varkala:

Lush greens, turquoise water, and white sand – the coastal town of Varkala in the South Indian state of Kerala is known for its beautiful clean and calm beaches as well as its palm covered red cliffs. The safe and quiet town is the perfect place for Yoga and it is well known for its Ayurveda centres.

Around Varkala, you can find many beautiful beaches, ancient temples, a back water way and beautiful green forests.

Its spiritual significance derives from the Samadhi (place of enlightenment) Sivagiri Mutt of Sree Narayana Guru. The social reformer and sage were enlightened and got his salvation there, which makes the town a place of spiritual pilgrimage.


Beach, mineral water springs, the Sivagiri Mutt and a 2000-year-old Vishnu temple.


April – May: 25°c-35°c

June – Sep: 21°c-27°c (monsoon)

Sep – Mar: 20°c-28°c

Get In:

By Plane: The nearest airport is Trivandrum(Thiruvananthapuram) International Airport (50km, 1hr 15 min drive).

By Train: From Trivandrum and Cochin almost all trains pass by a call at Varkala Station. From Varkala Railway Station, taxis and auto rickshaws can be hired.

By Bus or Car: Varkala is linked by state and national highways to all the major cities in Kerala, Tamilnadu, and Karnataka.

  • Thiruvananthapuram to Varkala: 45km (1 hour)
  • Kochi to Varkala: 170km (3 hours)
  • Bangalore to Varkala: 680km (10 hours approx.)
  • Chennai to Varkala: 700km(11 Hours approx.)

   Training Schedule and Fee

 Training ScheduleFees
            1 5th Dec to 30th Dec 17USD 1400
            2 4th Jan to 30th Jan 18USD 1400
            33rd Feb to 28th Feb 18USD 1400
            45th Mar-30th Mar 18USD 1400

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