Yoga Philosophy



Did you know that Yoga is one of the six main philosophies in India?

Over thousands of years, the science of Yoga evolved around the question of who we really are. It has been less relying on data and documenting information, but more about the actual experience of certain phenomena. In the fact based modern world, we are always looking for proofs. Only if we see knowledge black on white we accept it as truth.

Today, science is finding more and more interest in so called spiritual practices like meditation (which is a significant part of a holistic Yoga practice. For anyone who is a practitioner, there is no need to proof its benefits. However, if this fact-based approach will bring more and more people to practice meditation or any other form of mindfulness, it is a great achievement.

Yoga philosophy explains how we are connected to the universe, and how we are actually all one. It prepares us for the reunion with our source. the actual place where we came from.

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