Sometimes we want something so much that we get obsessed with it. Being busy dreaming of the day we are going to achieve our goal, we tend to miss all the beauty on the way. These wonderful moments you get an inch closer to what you want so badly.

You lift up for a second, getting a glimpse of what it would feel like to effortlessly drift across the sky. The gasp before the next fall which will not bring you to your destination, but closer to your dreams. Take every tiny step, the stumbles, all failure, and frustration on the way as lessons you have to learn before you can reach your ultimate goal. The truth is, in the end these moments will make the victory, these moments will make you understand, these moments will reveal the truth about yourself, your strength, and your dreams. It will not be the fruit of your effort, but all the work, the sweat, the blood, and the tears you invest which will be the ink your story is going to be written with. Looking at the memories you made on the way is what is going to give you true satisfaction. Learning how to fly will teach you to find back to the moment. It requires focus and intuition, strength and lightness, patience and drive. The practice of yoga teaches you all of these and can release your wings to fly, but only if you are ready for this lifelong journey with all its ups and downs.


Author: Anette Q.     Yoga Teacher Berlin