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How to Practice Asana

January 5, 2016

Asana must be established within.. Just getting in posture is not asana. It must be established within in such a way so that your posture, breathing patterns and your dristi should synchronize with each other.

It doesn’t matter how many hours you practice. What matters most is how much devotion you have for your practice. And devotion can come only through complete surrender. Through complete surrender one can feel purest form of love. Through complete surrender one can achieve highest form of yoga. This synchronized and harmonious state of your existence Will be capable to create emptiness within you . Through this emptiness, pranic energy can flow freely. Through this emptiness, panch Koshas can be merged together and finally one can get glimpse of Ananda( bliss ) .

Maybe ,it was created to understand other illusions.. The final stage of YOGA , Samadhi, can be another kind cosmic manifestation ..A manifestation where time is not linear . After reaching Samadhi, one can feel non linearity of time. We can have experience beyond space-time but Experience beyond space time can be some kind of matrix, some kind of illusion.. we can’t deny this possibility.. We are just plunging from one illusion to other and will never know absolute reality.. In conclusion Yoga doesn’t ensure us that we are going to know absolute reality but surely it leads us to amazing possibilities that will enrich our experience…. ..

Yoga For All

September 15, 2015

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“A most enlightening and peaceful space.”

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