Bearing the ultimate goal of Yoga in mind, journeying on the yogic path is in itself incredibly transformative. However, becoming a Yoga Teacher dedicated to assist others in walking that path can be even more powerful and rewarding. At Yoga Sangha, we intend to create an opportunity for serious practitioners who wish to explore the journey of spreading Yoga as a way of life and helping people transform their lives through the profound experience of Yoga practice.

We decided to combine the wisdom of two ancient traditional styles of Yoga by creating a unique course in Ashtanga and Hatha, drawing from the strengths and beauty of both – the dynamic  yet meditative quality of Ashtanga and the focus on proper alignment of Hatha. The curriculum offers not only the strengthening of your own asana practice, but also an immersion into Yoga Philosophy, Meditation and Pranayama, as well as the tools you need to develop as a teacher in Anatomy and Art of Teaching.

It is our belief that the quality of the course comes from giving each and every student our maximum attention, therefore, each TTC group count a maximum of 12 students which gives us a chance to look after everyone well and make their learning experience as effective as possible.

Our course encourages self-study and self-awareness which we believe to be crucial features of a Yoga Teacher. We invite you to become part of our community where we support each other in the learning process, inspire each other and collaborate to create an even broader scope for Yoga practice.

Our TTC is Yoga Alliance certified.