Parallel to the recent explosion of postural Yoga practice, the world of academia has witnessed a revival of interest in Yogic studies. Scholars worldwide have been making milestones in terms of examining and understanding history, philosophy as well as the physical benefits of Yoga practice. At Yoga Sangha, we intend to contribute to the uncovering of the depth inherent to the science of Yoga, and therefore, we created the Yoga Project – a platform for academicians and non-academicians to meet and inspire insightful dialogue about the multifaceted underpinnings of Yoga.

Yoga has been an independent heterogenous discipline that has been transforming from within and from without for more than the past 2 millennia. People who have been practicing it have been experiencing its spiritual and physical benefits but it is today that contemporary science has the tools to corroborate them. What is more, through an academic debate further questions regarding emerging modern phenomena connected to the yogic lifestyle can be posed and answered. Yoga Project involves research into the philosophical, spiritual and anatomical aspects of Yoga to bring its ancient practices under scholarly debate. Our objective is to debunk misconceptions and misperceptions about Yoga, but also to address new issues which come to light in the modern way people practice Yoga.

Experienced as well as young researchers from across the spectrum of academic fields can find inspiration by participating in our Project and conducting yearly pursuit of a given topic. Also, non-academic enthusiasts of Yoga can engage in their own research in order to contribute their views and perspectives on various aspects of Yoga practice and yogic lifestyle.


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