In the contemporary life filled with stress and anxiety it is crucial to find a path that will provide tools for finding balance and peace of mind, and consequently prevent psychosomatic diseases that are increasingly common. At the Yoga Sangha, we are dedicated to helping people get equipped with such tools. They can be easily found in Yoga practice and the application of Ayurvedic principles that are very closely linked to the yogic path. The uninterrupted practice of Yoga across millennia as well as a substantial amount of recent research are a testimony to the incredible effects these two ancient Indian sister sciences can have on the well-being of an individual.  

In our commitment to transforming people’s lives through Yoga, we created our Retreats that blend yogic and Ayurvedic practices to detoxify, rejuvenate, establish balance of body and mind, and ultimately, to provide a tangible more permanent solution to the problems with depression, stress and anxiety. As a special feature, we also incorporate reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, to complement the healing effects.

Our retreats are organised on a 5-day basis, therefore, those who wish to dip into a relaxed state can come for one 5-day programme, and those who travel with the sole purpose of immersing themselves in themselves the deep experience are welcome to stay for the following 5-day programmes, where they can progress in gaining tools for their physical and psychological well-being.