100h + 100h TTC

At Yoga Sangha we wish to be accommodative to those for whom taking a month off from their
daily life to do the TTC might be challenging. There is an option of dividing the course into two
parts and coming twice for two weeks to do 100h of the course at a convenient time.


We also realise that different circumstances inspire us to undertake a certain journey in life. There
are those who discover they would like to pursue the path of Yoga and Yoga teaching without
having an established practice. If you want to dedicate yourself to a TTC but your self-practice is
not strong, you are most welcome to come to Yoga Sangha and participate in a one-month-Iong
preparatory course just before the TTC. You are only required to take care of your food and

Dedicated practitioners

Our idea of introducing the practice of Bhakti Yoga, the path of love and devotion, consists in that
we encourage dedicated students to stay with us after the TTC and assist in the further course(s).
That way by offering to demonstrate and adjust in classes, students already get their first
experience of teaching but also express their dedication to Yoga. You are only required to take
care of your food and accommodation.

Continuous support

At the heart of our values lies the idea of a community. Therefore, after the course you can count
on our support – you are welcome to stay in touch with us, ask questions, clear your doubts,
propose joint ventures such as workshops or talks, or write for our blog. We encourage an
exchange of ideas and experiences with other students from our TTCs to enrich your teaching
and continue to grow through our closed Facebook group.