Hatha and Anatomy Teacher

I come from a North Indian family, who introduced me to the practice of Yoga at an early age. I carried my love of yoga throughout my life, but it was only after graduating and working in commerce that my practice became more and more profound. I began to deepen my practice to create some life balance. With time, as my practice became central to my life, I felt I wanted to share my passion and I began to look for Gurus across India. I studied philosophy and Asana with monks in ashrams, and decided to leave the corporate world to teach Yoga. Through my own practice and over 7 years of teaching, I discovered the importance of bio-mechanics (the subtle movements of the body) and I developed a real-life approach to Yoga philosophy. I want my students to experience the physical and physiological impact of yogasana. I believe in the union that Yoga brings about through awareness which can arise by walking the sacred path described in the yogic scriptures.