One of the four major paths of Yoga is Karma Yoga which is the discipline of selfless action. By helping others, we make a conscious decision to stay unattached to personal gain or consequences. This path is parallel to other paths and can further purify the mind and help one grow spiritually. That is why a serious practitioner of Yoga seeks opportunities of benefitting others through his/her actions.  

Since we believe Karma Yoga can further help in building a community, we wish to contribute to the local community too. We do it through our volunteering programme in which our students but also practicing teachers can share their knowledge of Yoga in the villages close to our school. Apart from teaching yogasana and meditation, the volunteers can also empower the local children, women or anybody in need, by teaching English or other valuable skills that are their strength.

The programme requires the participants to take care of their food and accommodation (in some cases lunch might be provided by the school). The volunteers get the support of our team in preparing classes and/or other activities in the community. We invite motivated yoga teachers and students who wish to work in an international environment to join our team and grow with us by contributing to the local community. 

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